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What Are the Signs It’s Time for Home Health Care?

What Are the Signs It’s Time for Home Health Care?

As much as we don’t want to think about it, there will come a time when our parents will eventually need help to live their life comfortably. While many families rely on a family caregiver for their aging loved one’s care, there are times when it’s more appropriate to get professional help.

Here are the signs that your aging loved ones need home health care in Virginia.

  • They have frequent accidents or they have unexplained injuries in their bodies.
  • Their mobility has significantly decreased and they have trouble doing daily activities.
  • They experience difficulty in managing their medications, their bills, and groceries.
  • They have lost significant weight and often have an empty fridge and pantry
  • They express a desire to age at home and maintain their independence.

Other signs that your aging loved one needs home care or personal care assistants include a cluttered home, unpaid bills, and a full mailbox. Showing disinterest in socializing and frequent low mood are also other signs that it is time for home health care.

If you’re looking for reliable home care in Alexandria, Virginia, call us! Ma-Lowe Home Care Agency provides a wide range of high-quality home health care services designed to help seniors live independently and healthily in their old age.

Some services we provide include private duty nursing in Virginia, home health aide services, respite care, companion services, and many others. Call us!

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