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Ways to Address Poor Sleep in Seniors

ways to address poor sleep in seniors

One of the many challenges that aging individuals face is getting plenty of good sleep. As a person ages, they will often have trouble falling or staying at sleep.

Reasons for Poor Sleep:

There are plenty of reasons for poor sleep in seniors. Ma-Lowe Home Care Agency enumerates the most common ones:

  1. Pain
  2. Side effects of the medications they are taking
  3. Sleep apnea

Talk to your provider of home care in Alexandria, Virginia if you notice certain factors affecting your sleep. At the same time, here are some strategies to help you get good sleep every night.

  • Create a bedtime routine.
    Try to keep your body’s natural circadian rhythm. Stick to a wake-up and sleep schedule, even if you don’t have plans to sleep in. Your personal care assistants can help remind you of the schedule.
  • Don’t drink before bedtime.
    Aim to drink your fluids in the early evenings or late afternoons. Don’t drink anything at least 2 hours before bedtime except for a sip. This way, you won’t have to wake up frequently to go to the bathroom. A provider of home health care in Virginia can help you keep track of your water intake.
  • Promote relaxation in the bedroom.
    Make sure that you turn off any gadget inside your room at least an hour before going to sleep. Keep your body calm and ready to snooze. Do something that soothes you and induces sleep.

If you need private duty nursing in Virginia to help you sleep as well as address your home healthcare needs, get in touch with us today!

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