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How You Can Manage Your Medications at Home


When you’re managing multiple medications, it can get overwhelming and confusing to take them all as your doctor had prescribed. This also puts you at risk for health threats caused by drug interactions. Home care in Alexandria, Virginia lists down ways you can better remember taking your medications:

  • Use pillboxes.
    Preferably, use a pillbox marked with the days of the week to keep track of your medications daily. You can even designate different colors for the boxes, like light color for the morning and dark for the night.
  • Make use of reminders.
    Put sticky notes in the kitchen cupboard, steering wheel, or in the mirror just so you can easily remember taking your medications. You can also have a nursing assistant to remind you of taking your medicines and even help you to manage them better.
  • Incorporate them into your routines.
    Brushing your teeth, eating your meals, or other habits— home health care in Virginia recommends that you incorporate your pill intake with any of your routines to remember taking them at the right time.
  • Use a medical alert device.
    Aside from using your phone alarm to remind you of taking your medications, consider using a medical alert device that can help remind you of both your doctor appointments and medication intake.
  • Get home care help.
    Nothing is better than a human reminder. Let our home care agency help.

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