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How to Protect Your Seniors from the Risk of Falling


Falling is one of the top causes of injury among the elderly community. Unfortunately, most falling accidents happen at home. Thus, you have to fall-proof your home to protect your seniors from injury. As your trusted home care agency, we want to share with you some tips to maintain a safe home environment.

  • Remove Clutter
    Take out any objects on pathways or floor that could cause your senior to trip off. Protruding wires should be covered. Folded mats should be corrected. Toys should be put back in place. Your caregiver from reliable home care in Alexandria, Virginia can help in keeping your home clean and tidy.
  • Provide Lighting
    Install more light bulbs in hallways, stairways, or bathrooms to guide your senior loved one, especially if he or she has poor eyesight. If you require assistance, your private duty nursing in Virginia can offer a hand going up and down the stairs or going to and from the toilet.
  • Install Mobility Support
    This is especially important for family members with physical limitations. You can install handrails or grab bars which can be a strong support to hold the weight of your senior when using the bathroom. Putting rugs or bathroom mats could also prevent slipping off. Also, this can enhance their independence with minimal supervision from home health care in Virginia.

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