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Assisted Cough: When It Is Needed


Have you ever heard of assisted cough or cough assist? When a patient cannot cough well, assistance to clear out the airway for mucous may be suggested. Loved ones with spinal cord injuries may not be able to cough well and may need additional care and monitoring under private duty nursing in Virginia.

Coughing is a normal body response to get rid of unwanted foreign particles. When an individual is unable to do so, complications can lead to pneumonia. Assisted coughing prevents this from happening by helping the patient to cough safely.

Cough assist happens when the person is trying to cough but cannot do so. It is also suggested when the patient has shortness of breath or there is congestion in their chest. The patient can also verbally state the need to cough. Trained personnel from your home health care in Virginia will place the patient on their back, if possible. If the patient is sitting, they must be secured in their wheelchair or seat. They will guide the patient’s breathing while applying firm and steady pressure to aid coughing. Some patients can get tired in between trials. Resting before coughing is also recommended.

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