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orchestrating your care

Orchestrating Your Care

Some medical conditions require sophisticated medical procedures to resolve, like multiple tests and surgeries. Providers of private duty nursing in Virginia can attest that these procedures are not comparable to simpler ones like caregiving or...

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rest for caregivers

Rest for Caregivers

Living with an elderly loved one presents some challenges. But because they are loved, families face these challenges head-on and do what they can to provide care personally. If that's not possible, an option is to hire providers of home health care...

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helping kids recover after surgery

Helping Kids Recover After Surgery

Our kids are very precious to us. Ever since they were born, we have been providing them with whatever they need, and we have been preparing for their future. We're a leading provider of private duty nursing in Virginia, and we couldn't agree more....

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multigenerational living how it helps your family

Multigenerational Living: How It Helps Your Family

There's been a growing trend of aging parents living with their adult children over the years. There are benefits to this. First, it is financially sound to pay for one home where they all live together instead of paying for two. And second, it is...

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what are the signs its time for home health care

What Are the Signs It’s Time for Home Health Care?

As much as we don’t want to think about it, there will come a time when our parents will eventually need help to live their life comfortably. While many families rely on a family caregiver for their aging loved one’s care, there are times when...

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what are the advantages of getting home health care

What Are the Advantages of Getting Home Health Care?

As our parents age, we have to consider the kind of care they need to live an optimum life in their old age. While nursing facilities and adult homes are popular choices years ago, recent years have shown that seniors prefer to age at home. If...

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