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how to protect your seniors from the risk of falling

How to Protect Your Seniors from the Risk of Falling

Falling is one of the top causes of injury among the elderly community. Unfortunately, most falling accidents happen at home. Thus, you have to fall-proof your home to protect your seniors from injury. As your trusted home care agency, we want to...

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medication-mmedication management made easyanagement-made-easy

Medication Management Made Easy

Seniors taking multiple dosages for chronic diseases and other concerns require comprehensive medication management. Aside from getting direct help from providers of home health care in Virginia, some tools can help you handle your medication with...

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personal care assistance for seniors at home

Personal Care Assistance for Seniors at Home

You would want to accomplish your basic daily tasks while enjoying the things you love the most. Instead of spending so much time in the bathroom or kitchen, your personal care assistant from reputable home care in Alexandria, Virginia will give you...

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what to expect from a private duty nurse

What to Expect from a Private Duty Nurse

Private duty nursing is a part of the broad scope of home health care in Virginia. It is a personalized type of care that caters to the specific needs of seniors dealing with an illness, injury, or age-related infirmity. We’ll be discussing with...

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causes of low appetite among elderly

Causes of Low Appetite Among Elderly

We can spend a lot of time preparing a warm and healthy plate of our senior’s favorite dish. But when it is time to eat, they may not touch the plate at all. While our efforts are all for their benefit, what concerns us is that they may go hungry...

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assisted cough when it is needed

Assisted Cough: When It Is Needed

Have you ever heard of assisted cough or cough assist? When a patient cannot cough well, assistance to clear out the airway for mucous may be suggested. Loved ones with spinal cord injuries may not be able to cough well and may need additional care...

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